June 2018 – Bristol Historical & Preservation Society
All Museums Services conducted an AAM Organizational Peer Review for the Society.  The two-day site visit included meetings with staff, Board members, community stakeholders; facility visits and inspections; documentation review and workshops.  A detailed site visit report with immediate, short-term and long-term recommendations was produced.

June 2017 – Old Westbury Gardens
All Museums Services provided accession and cataloging training to the staff and voluinteers at the Old Westbury Gardens.  The extensive image and blueprint collections were the focus of the training with format cataloging guidelines developed for the blueprints.

August 2016 –Smithtown Library
All Museums Services provided installation, accession and cataloging training to the Special Collections Librarians and other staff at the Richard H. Handley Collection of Long Island Americana.

April 2016 – Long Island Library Resources Council
All Museums Services provided a PowerPoint presentation to members of the LILRC on the value and uses of PastPerfect Museum software in Library applications.

January 2016 – to Present – Robert David Lionel Gardiner Foundation
All Museum Services was provided a grant to provide PastPerfect Training and Basic Collection Care Training to five (5) Long Island Cultural Institutions.  Training and follow-up sessions were provided to the Sag Harbor Historical Society, Westhampton Beach Historical Society, Southold Indian Museum, Huntington Historical Sociey and the Islip Arts Council.

November 2013 to Present - Port Jefferson Historical Society
All Museum Services has served as the Society’s Archival Consultant for a variety of projects and training related to the reorganization of the images and archival collections into a new storage facility.  This includes training in Accessioning and Cataloging in PastPerfect modules, Basic Collection Care Training, development of internship projects and the supervision of interns, docents and volunteers.

October 2011 to February 2014 – Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society
All Museum S e r v i c e s served as the Society’s Curatorial Consultant for multiple projects and activities.  Responsibilities included numerous inventory projects, policy development, training docents and volunteers in collection management activities and the design, fabrication and installation of numerous exhibits.

November 2011 – Suffolk County Historical Society
All Museum Services presented a four hour training session to staff, volunteers and guests from other institutions. 
T h e training module included a hands-on exercise in
cataloging on work sheets and e n t r y into the PastPerfect program.

2011 September – Moriches Bay Historical Sociey
All Museum S e r v i c e s served a s a moderator and facilitator for a series oforganizational review meetings.
These meeting included the review of existing
Charter, By-Laws and Constitution and t h e reorganization of t h e Board of Trustees.Additionally, AMS served a s a faciltator for a membership meeting to discuss thereorganizational changes.

2010 September – Fire Island National Seashore
All Museum S e r v i c e s was contracted to provide research, research access and documents for an Historic Furnishing Report for t h e Old Mastic House at the William Floyd Estate. Included research in t h e site's archival materials and visits to other repositories in t h e New York area.

2010 May – Fire Island Concessions
All Museum Services developed, designed and fabricated and installed exhibit panels for the Watch Hill Restaurant and Patchogue Ferry Terminal site.  T he panels included contemporary and historic images of the Great South Bay, Bayberry Dunes, the construction of the Watch Hill Marina, the Gil Smith Boat Yard, Great South Bay Ferry services and the Bailey Mill.

2010 April – The Conference House Association
All Museum Services provided this 4 hour training module to curatorial and administrative staff on approved methods, materials and techniques for providing exhibited and stored collections basic preventive conservation care. Included in this session were light level (UV and regular ) readings and temperature and humidity readings.

2010 April – The Conference House Association
Curatorial and administrative staff participated in this 4 hour training session on cataloging museum objects and using various modules in PastPerfect.  The session included producing catalog worksheets for uncataloged objects, entering the worksheet information into PastPerfect and producing Catalog Records and reports.

2010 June – United States Merchant Marine Museum at King Point
All Museum Services produced this 80 page Interim Collections Management Plan report that described the current conditions of museum and current management issues at t h e facility. Chapters included Collections Preservations, Archives and Manuscripts, Environmental Monitoring, Physical Security, Fire Protection, Use and Access, Records, Documentation and staffing. The report includes short, intermediate and long-terms goals for t h e operation of t h e museum and the preservation and protection of the extensive collections.

2010 April – United States Merchant Marine Museum at King Point
All Museum Services conducted a Museum Operations and Facility Assessment, an on-site inspection and report for the collections exhibited and stored in the Barstow House. 110 Museum standards for the preservation and protection of museum objects were evaluated in the report.

2010 May – Sagtikos Manor Historical Society
All Museum Services provided a 4 hour on-hands module to curatorial volunteers and Suffolk County cultural resources staff on approved methods, materials and techniques for providing basic care to exhibited and stored collections. This session included a general walk through the facility and specific questions and answers for the materials in t h e collection, including light level (UV and regular) readings and temperature and humidity readings.

2010 January – Sagtikos Manor Historical Society
All Museum Services presented a 4 hour training session to members of the Sagtikos Manor Historical Society. This training module included an annotated catalog worksheet for use with PastPerfect entries, a step-by-step cataloging guide and a format guide for cataloging images.

2008 October - Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society
All Museum Services reviewed existing Charter documents, Constitution and By-Laws, Mission Statement and operational documents and guidelines. In conjunction with the Society's Curatorial Committee, a site specific Collections Management Policy was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors.

2008 August - Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society
The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society's 2008 Gala Celebrating Dennis Puleston:A Life Exploring Nature showcased this exhibit designed, fabricated and installed by All Museum Service’s. T h e exhibit featured original works of art on paper, Mr. Puleston's desk, Mr. Puleston's Medal of Freedom, a number of his ship's logs and, of course, his beloved Ospreys, including a life-sized reproduction of a nest.