All Museum Services offers a complete line of documentation and services for Historical Societies and cultural institution.  These include Assessments, Collections Management Policies and Collections Management Documents.

All Museum Services will provide an checklist assessment of your institution's facilities and operations as they relate to the preservation and protection of collections and holdings.  The checklist assessment and narrative report include sections on physical security, environmental protection, exhibit and storage space uses, and general operating documentation.

The checklist assessment is design to provide Boards, Directors, Curators, Archivists and all staff collection management responsibilities with an overall evaluation of the institution's current practices and condition.  The checklist helps the institution set priorties for providing the best possible care and protection of their valuable collections and holdings.

Collections Management Documents
All Museum Services can provide a wide variety of Collections Management Documents.  In addition to a Collections Management Policy, many institutions have operational documents for specific activities.  AMS can provide policy documents for Collections Use, Access to Collections, In-coming and Out-going Loans, Accessioning and Cataloging procedures. 

These types of operational documents provide the institution with a consistent procedures for handling many activities and situations.

Environmental Monitoring
In any institution, agents of deterioration are continuously causing damage to objects.  These agents include temperature, humidity, light, insects, molds and staff.

All Museum Services will inspect the institution, take measurement of temperature, humidity and light levels and provide a narrative report on with recommendations for a monitoring program. AMS will monitor selected spaces for up to one (1) year to acquire base-line data to document the seasonal changes in exhibit or storage spaces.  AMS will analyze the base-line data and provide a narrative report with recommendations for providing additional protection and a monitoring program.